Basic Shipboard Culinary Training

Official Title
Basic Shipboard Culinary Training

This culinary course is geared towards individuals who want to acquire the basic safe food preparation skills for alternative cooking environments other than a commercial kitchen. The focus is on cooking techniques used in a ship galley or in other remote areas without compromising good sanitation practices and nutritional cooking. Below is a list of topics covered:

  •     Food Safety and Sanitation (Introduction)
  •     Identifying Common Galley Tools and Equipment
  •     Identify Safe Work Habits that Prevent Injury in the Workplace
  •     Basic Knife Skills
  •     Basic Cooking Methods (Theory & Practical)
  •     Basic Cooking Math and Recipe Comprehension
  •     Cooking Foods to the Correct Doneness
  •     Basic Galley Production Management
  •     Basic Baking Skills
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