AVTEC Customized Training (ACT)


The purpose of the Alaska Vocational Technical Center (AVTEC) Customized Training (ACT) is to provide assistance and affordable customized training support to employers who seek to maintain and increase the productivity of their workforce. 


We are committed to fostering a strong statewide workforce. We provide accessible, customized employee training programs led by an extensive group of experienced instructors who are experts in their fields and up to date with current trends and the latest advancements. 

Customized training opportunities range from short-term training seminars to long-term training programs. ACT partners with a company to evaluate needs, design a course or workshop specifically for your company and deliver the training either in the workplace, in the field or at the labs at AVTEC in Seward, Alaska.

We can offer customized training in most of the focused training areas offered by AVTEC. For information on specific training options please contact the instructors listed for the topical training desired. 


Contract training at AVTEC is an affordable option for an employer. Cost varies based on the needs of employers and employees; quotes are available upon request. 

Instruction can take place during the day, evening and weekends, developed around your company's specific and immediate needs, this cost-effective approach allows you the flexibility of selecting dates and number of hours for your training program. 

Costs include:

  • Cost of an instructor (including travel and lodging if off-site)
  • Cost of curriculum development associated with the training course
  • Training materials and books, as needed, for the course
  • Option at AVTEC for staying in the residence halls which includes a meal plan


For more information or to get a quote call (907) 224-6159.