Articulation Agreements

Tech Prep and Articulation Agreements

AVTEC’s mission is to train a diverse and effective workforce that supports the economic growth and stability of our state. Students enter AVTEC training programs with a wide variety and degree of previous knowledge and technical skill in their chosen career program; some with no previous training and others with years of experience or previous training. AVTEC’s training philosophy is to adapt to the skills and knowledge the student brings with them and build upon their knowledge and skills to achieve the highest levels of certification and preparation for employment.

Some AVTEC programs are designed so that the student may also earn college credit. AVTEC has articulation agreements with the University of Alaska. This arrangement enables students who are enrolled in certain courses at AVTEC to also be concurrently enrolled at the University of Alaska and to receive college credit.  Credits earned can be applied toward a University of Alaska certificate or undergraduate degree.  Check with the program instructor or the AVTEC Admissions Office for more details. 

AVTEC also recognizes that we work together with many partners to achieve our mission. These include secondary schools, communities, industry employers, and other postsecondary institutions. We have established and continue to seek new articulation and tech prep agreements that recognize and provide transfer credit for training where appropriate. Many AVTEC programs have articulation agreements with other postsecondary institutions where AVTEC graduates can receive credit toward applicable associate degree programs.

Before articulation agreements are approved, a detailed review of comparable programs and courses is completed to ensure that competencies completed in the AVTEC program are commensurate with the level and rigor of the program granting credit. The same review process is required when AVTEC partners with a secondary school or program for a tech prep agreement; a comprehensive review of content to ensure competencies receiving credit is of the same level and rigor. Where articulation and/or tech prep agreements are approved, these, along with the number of credits, will be identified in the specific program description in the AVTEC catalog.

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