Disciplinary Policy

Disciplinary Policy
(Warning, Probation, Termination, Appeal, and Re-Enrollment)

Students unable or unwilling to meet appropriate standards of behavior, attendance, or progress during training will receive a warning and/or be placed on probation by the department head or instructor. During the probationary period the student must maintain acceptable behavior, attendance, and progress. Failure to meet the conditions of probation can lead to dismissal. Students violating housing policies will be warned and/or be placed on probation or evicted from housing facilities.

Persons who pose a threat to themselves or others may be evicted from campus housing and/or dismissed from training. Verbal or physical assault upon another person or willful destruction of school property will result in immediate dismissal. Students who are caught cheating by copying or plagiarizing the work of others may also be terminated from training. AVTEC reserves the right to discipline students who are arrested and convicted on a charge of law violation which occurs off campus.

A student may choose to appeal for reconsideration within three business days of dismissal for any reason. The appeal is considered by a representative of administration. If the dismissal decision is upheld, a student may be considered for re-enrollment six months after termination. The department chairperson and counselor will review the application. Their decision will be based on evidence that the original cause for termination is no longer a hindrance to training.

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