Distance Education Student Authentication

Distance Education Students

To attend distance education courses offered by AVTEC, students must access AVTEC’s Learning Content Management System (LCMS) using a secure user name and password.  The user name and password provide secure login credentials and are assigned to the student by the LCMS System Administrator as part of the student registration process.

As part of the admissions process, distance education students must provide a valid photo identification, GED, high school and/or college transcripts, a current phone number, and an email address for admissions’ use in contacting the student.


Students attending asynchronous distance education classes typically work at their own pace with limited interaction with an instructor.  Asynchronous classes typically provide supplemental information that in of itself would not result in receiving college credit or industry certification.  For those asynchronous courses that would be eligible for college credit or industry certification student authentication would be accomplished through proctoring.


Where required AVTEC provides proctors and secure facilities to administer tests and ensure student authentication.


Students attending synchronous AVTEC distance education classes meet using a virtual classroom or through the use of video / webcam teleconferencing where the student and instructor interact in real time.  The instructor is able to authenticate the student taking the class is the student performing the work through interaction with the student during class, review of the quality of work submitted by the student and through the use of multiple assessments.


Student Responsibilities

Students must:

    • Be truthful and accurate in personal identification.
    • Maintain the security of their user resource accounts.
    • Notify their instructor or the LCMS Administrator immediately if they suspect their user name and/or password has been compromised.

Students must not:

    • Through intent or negligence provide their user name / password to unauthorized personnel.
    • Provide their user name / password to others with the intent of misrepresentation in accessing / completing course work or class attendance.
    • Participate in unauthorized acquisition, use, or attempt to use the user id or password of others.


Students who initiate or participate in activities intended to circumvent the student authentication policies of AVTEC or the student authentication features of AVTECs LCMS system will be subject to administrative disciplinary review.

If it is found that the violation was intended to misrepresent the student as the originator of coursework, class attendance, or course evaluations, the student will be removed from the class with no reimbursement of tuition, lab fees, or software cost that were incurred by the student to attend the class.

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