Student Progress

Measurement of Student Progress and Performance
As stated in each course Training Summary, students are rated on their ability to perform specific training-related competencies. Instructors formally evaluate each student's performance at the end of every month on an in-progress report evaluation form. The instructor and student review each in-progress report. Copies of the in-progress reports are kept by the instructor and originals are kept in the student's file at the Student Records Office. Students will be provided copies of their in-progress reports upon request. At the end of the student's training, the instructor summarizes the student's skill levels in a training summary based on the in-progress reports.

A Level of Achievement is given for each training objective. This is indicated on the student’s training summary by the instructor. The levels carry the following meanings:

Level 4 Skilled
Performed task independently; requires minimal supervision.


Level 3 Moderately Skilled

Performed independently in a learning situation; may require initial supervision.

Level 2 Limited Skill
Performed task during training program; additional training is required.


Level 1 Demonstration Only

No practice provided; further training required.


The typical requirement is a rating of level 3 or 4 in 85 percent of the unit competencies required for the certificate level. Students must continually make satisfactory progress towards the completion of a certificate to be considered in "good standing".

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