Transfers and Withdrawals

Transferring from One Program to Another
Students are able to transfer from one training program to another by completing a Training Program Transfer Request form. Approval from the department head of both training programs, the student’s counselor, AVTEC’s Deputy Director, and when applicable, a designee for the student’s funding source is required. The student must meet with AVTEC’s Financial Aid Officer to go over the changes in costs that will occur as a result of the transfer and notify the Admissions Office. The transfer form can be obtained from the student’s counselor and must be filled out completely, signed, and given to the Student Records Office prior to the transfer taking effect.

Withdrawal, Refund, and Repayment Policies
AVTEC is required to have a fair and equitable refund policy. Using the appropriate refund policy for the student’s financing and program length, a refund is calculated if a student withdraws, drops out, is terminated, or otherwise fails to complete the student’s contracted training program on or after the first day of training. The school’s policy is considered fair and equitable if the policy provides for a refund of the larger of the calculations required for the type of financing the student is receiving.  

Withdrawal/Cancellation Before Classes Begin
All monies paid, with the exception of the non-refundable application fee, will be refunded if notice of cancellation is received seven calendar days prior to the first day of training. If notice of cancellation is not received seven calendar days prior to the first day of training, a $100 termination fee will be charged. Any tuition and student fees paid will be refunded, minus the termination fee.
Late enrollment may be allowed under extenuating circumstances and must be pre-arranged through AVTEC’s Admissions Office.
Short-term students (students enrolled in programs less than six weeks in length) who do not show up for class will forfeit the tuition for the class, up to $100, as a termination fee. Any organization that has agreed to pay the student’s tuition via a billing authorization will be billed for the termination fee.

Cancellations will be acknowledged in writing. Refunds will be made within 30 days of the notification of cancellation to the parties that paid the funds.

Refunds are not calculated on application, technology, and student service fees, or nonrefundable tools, books, or materials provided by AVTEC. Refunds are also not calculated for the dormitories or meal plans.

Withdrawal/Cancellation After Classes Begin
To officially withdraw from school, a student must submit a written, signed and dated statement of withdrawal, indicating the reason and effective date of the withdrawal.  If a student fails to officially withdraw, the school will terminate the student at the point the instructor or department head determines the student will not be returning to training. Students who fail to return from a leave of absence will be considered withdrawn effective the date of their scheduled return to school.
Official withdrawals will be acknowledged in writing.

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