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Department Information
Department Head: 
Captain Terry Federer
(907) 224-6195

Alaska has more coastline than all the other United States combined. Alaska's maritime environment is one of the most challenging in the world. Safely transporting passengers and freight or carrying out commercial fishing operations in Alaskan waters requires well-qualified captains and crew members.

The goal of the Alaska Maritime Training Center is to promote safe marine operations by effectively preparing captains and crew members for employment in the Alaskan maritime industry.

The Alaska Maritime Training Center is a United States Coast Guard approved training facility located in Seward, Alaska, and offers USCG/STCW compliant maritime training. In addition to the standard courses offered, customized training is available to meet the specific needs of maritime companies. Courses are delivered through the use of our world class ship simulator, state of the art computer based navigational laboratory and modern classrooms equipped with the latest instructional delivery technologies.

Maritime Career Pathways

When it comes to working onboard boats and ships, there are a few different maritime career pathways to choose from. Sometimes one of the biggest challenges is figuring where to start and which pathway is best for you.
AMTC has developed three common maritime career pathways. These pathways offer a logical flow of courses that mariners will need to complete to become an approved USCG Merchant Mariner and be employable in Alaska’s diverse maritime industry. In order for mariners to complete their desired pathway they will also need documented sea service. Maritime career pathways are listed below and if you have any further questions please contact AMTC.

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Contact AMTC

 For maritime related questions and admissions please call (907)224-6196 or email

Alaska Maritime Training Centers Mission

To build a domestic maritime workforce focused on Alaskan industry needs and Alaska’s challenging operational environment including the Arctic Region.

To provide Alaskans the skills and technical knowledge that will enable them to thrive in Alaska’s challenging and ever evolving maritime working environment.

Department Members: 
Captain Terry Federer
(907) 224-6195
  • Department Head
  • Instructor
  • USCG 500 Ton Master Near Coastal
  • USCG 1600 ton Mate
  • Able Seaman Unlimited
Captain Dale Butts
(907) 224-6192
  • Instructor
  • USCG 100 Ton Master 1600 Ton Mate Near Coastal License
  • Able Seaman Unlimited Tankerman
  • First-Aid, CPR, AED, and Alaska Marine Safety Education
  • Association Certified Instructor
Captain Robert Chadwell
(907) 224-6189
  • Instructor
  • USCG 1600 Ton Master Upon Oceans
  • Military-First Class Pilot
  • M.M.A. Marine Affairs, University of Rhode Island
  • B.A. Maritime History, University of Florida
Captain Richard Jacoby
(907) 224-6199
  • Instructor
  • USCG 500 Ton Master Upon Oceans
  • Able Seaman Unlimited
  • BA English/History, Lewis and Clark College, Portland OR
Captain Niklas Ranta
(907) 224-6198
  • Instructor
  • Youth Outreach
  • USCG 100 Ton Master Near Coastal
John Hitchcock
(907) 224-6193
  • USCG Chief Engineer of Motor and Gas Turbine of any Horsepower
  • USCG Qualified Member of the Engine Department- any rating
  • USCG Tankerman PIC (Barge) DL
  • USCG Qualified Assessor
  • Qualified Offshore Hydraulic Crane Operator/Rigger
  • EPA- CFC Universal
Teri Laird
(907) 224-6196
  • Maritime Admissions
  • Education Program Assistant
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