Tuition & Fees

Long Term Training 

To secure a place in a long term training program requires payment of the student service fee, technology fee and half of the tuition no later than 30 days prior to the start of training; written proof of funding may be submitted in lieu of payment. 

Books and supplies costs are due on the first day of training with the remaining tuition balance due by the mid-point of the training program. Students with a balance due after the mid-point date will be charged a $200.00 late fee and may be dismissed from their training program unless a satisfactory means of payment is established.

Short Term Training 

To secure a place in short term training the application fee, tuition, books, and supplies must be paid in full.  

Nonresident training

Non-resident students are placed into training on a space-available basis. Non-resident tuition is double the resident tuition. Books, supplies, room and board, and other fees are the same for resident and non-resident students. 

Dormitory and on-campus living

Dormitory residents must pay their dormitory fees for the entire term at the beginning of each term prior to moving in. Fall term is from the start of the student’s training program until the Christmas break. Spring term is from the end of Christmas break until the student’s graduation date, or summer break, whichever comes first. 

A student that moves out of the dormitory at any time during the contract period, whether by choice, eviction, withdrawal, or termination, will be charged at the prorated weekly rate or full term rate (whichever is less).  Students who graduate early will be charged up to the date they move out of the dorms. 

Students living in the dormitory purchase a meal plan as part of their room and board. There is no method of separating meals from the dormitory fee.

Family Housing and off-campus living

AVTEC has one, two, and four-bedroom furnished apartments for students with families. Students must apply for and be accepted into family housing, pay half of the security deposit, and sign a family housing contract to reserve an apartment. The remaining half of their security deposit and first month’s rent is due before moving in. 

Meals are not included in family housing residents.   Family housing students may purchase meals at the Business Office, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Meal Tickets and off-campus housing

Students living in AVTEC family housing or other off-campus housing may purchase meal tickets at the Business Office, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Student Services Fee and Technology Fee

The student service fees support student activities and technology fee support network access and internet costs. Both the student service and technology fees are nonrefundable.