Library/Media Center

Students have access to a wealth of information through modern technology. In today's world, the most current information is found on the internet. Some AVTEC training programs have switched almost entirely to online textbooks and tests, and many industries use websites for parts and operating manuals. In order to provide the most relevant information to students, AVTEC maintains a reference section at the library, and for those programs that continue to use print textbooks, a print copy. In addition, AVTEC has an Alaska section, a large number of fiction books, movies, puzzles, and board games in the library for student use.  

Many of the stacks of old outdated books have been replaced with space in which students are able to interact, use their own, or AVTEC computers to go online to do homework, stay in touch with family and friends back home, chat with each other, or check out things of interest to them.

Students are able to look for job postings and apply online. They are able to use the multimedia computer lab to work on their resumes and access the internet. Up-to-date word processing, database, and spreadsheet software offers students unlimited resources. 

Student Services staff acts as proctors for students taking industry certification exams, including Work Keys.