Able Seaman Seafarer Pathway

Tankship - Dangerous Liquids (P.I.C.)

This course is designed to provide mariners with the knowledge, skills and practical abilities to safely conduct marine petroleum operations consistent with the Tankerman (PIC) Endorsement and will satisfy the familiarization training requirements of 46 CFR 13.401 and may be issued endorsements  as Tankerman-Assistant DL, and the STCW, as amended, 

the Basic Oil and Chemical TankerCargo Operations A-V/1-1-1; 

and the cargo training course requirements of 46 CFR 13.201, 13.301, 

Able Seaman

This course prepares students for the Able Seaman's examination. A minimum of 180 days of qualifying sea service required to qualify for an entry level Able Seaman Endorsement (AB OSV). Applicants successfully completing this course will satisfy the written examination requirements of 46CFR 12.05-9 for any Able Seaman endorsement.

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