Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation (ALAVTC-777)

Official Title
Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation (ALAVTC-777)
U.S. Coast Guard Approved Class

Any applicant that successfully completes Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation (ALAVTC-777) course will satisfy the Advanced Fire Fighting training revalidation requirements of STCW Code Section A-VI/3 and 46 CFR 11.201(h)(I), and 11.303(d), provided that the mariner has at least 1 year of sea service within the last 5 years.; AND Tasks 1.3.A, 1.5.A, 2.1.A, 2.1.B, 3.1.A, 3.1.B, 4.1.A, 4.1.B and 4.1.C from NVIC 09-14, Advanced Fire Fighting.  Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation courses are delivered online, via Zoom.  Final exam must be proctored in person, exam must be completed no later than two weeks after completion of the course.  

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