Medical Care Person in Charge (ALAVTC-307)

Official Title
Medical Care Person in Charge (ALAVTC-307)

This course is designed to train students to care for injuries and medical conditions encountered aboard a ship and is intended to provide a person with the level of competency and knowledge, understanding, and proficiency specified in 46 CFR 12 for the Management of Medical Care and 46 CFR 12 for a Person in Charge of Medical Care and Table A-VI/4-2 regarding Medical First Aid of the STCW Code, provided they have completed a Coast Guard approved Medical Care Provider course within 6 months of starting this course.  

Each student who successfully completes this course will be able to direct the initial response and provide continued care required for an injured individual.  Additionally, they will be able to assist in the continuing treatment of the patient under the direction of medical advice.  Each student will demonstrate sufficient knowledge, understanding, and proficiency of Medical Care Person in Charge and will meet the requirements of Table A-VI/4-2 of the STCW Code. 


Must have previously taken a Medical Care Provider within six months of starting this course.   Students will be expected to meet the physical requirements for the skills including:  lifting, reaching, and performance of CPR.    

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