Alaska Maritime Training Center - Simulation

Kongsberg LogoAMTC features world class Kongsberg™ Maritime Simulators and has provided quality simulation experiences for over 10 year. The simulators are not only used for USCG approved courses but are available to individuals and companies. With a history of performing company/area/vessel specific training, we aim to meet the needs of Alaska’s mariners and beyond. The simulators are continuously being upgraded to meet the latest standards. Our experienced staff can help meet your training objectives.

Click to see our list of hydrodynamic ownship models and database areas (pdf)

AMTC’s Full Mission Bridge Simulator

  • Bridge Alpha 3 connected Kongsberg Polaris™ full mission bridges
  •  1 bridge with 240 degree visual system
  •  2 bridges with 150 degree visual systems
  •  Binocular view 360 degrees
  • Wheel, Azipod, Z-drive, Voith Schneider, and auto pilot steering systems
  •  Compass, DGPS, AIS, doppler, gyro, log, depth, wind
  • Conning display
  • 2 VHF radio telephones
  • VOIP ‘Intraship’ phone system
  • 2 instructor stations
  • CCTV with audio
  • Debrief classroom


AMTC’s Part Mission “NavLab” Bridge Simulator

  • AVTEC Kongsberg Maritime Training Simulator - Instructor Station6 connected Kongsberg Polaris™ desktop bridges
  • Wheel and auto pilot steering systems
  • Compass , DGPS, AIS, doppler, gyro, log, depth, wind
  • GMDSS Simulator
  • VHF, MH/HF, DSC, Radiotelex, Inmarsat, EPIRB, SART
  • 1 instructor station


Simulator Exercises

  • Custom built to course requirements
  • Bridges can run independent or interactive exercises
  • Hydrodynamically accurate ownship models
  • Many Ownship models and Database Areas to choose from
  • Control ownship model parameters
  • Simulated equipment faults
  • Control target vessel traffic
  • Wind and swell waves, current, rain, fog, wind, snow, clouds, and tide
  • Sludge, hummocked, solid 1 year, and solid multi-year ice and ice bergs
  • Towing, tugging, and hawser controls


Training Opportunities

  • AVTEC Simulator Tug Model in IceNavigation in open, shallow, or restricted waters
  • Coastal navigation
  • Navigation in high traffic density situations
  • Approaching harbors, mooring position, platforms or buoys
  • Ship handling, mooring, berthing
  • Emergency ship handling
  • Tug-ship interaction
  • Tug pushing or towing
  • Passage planning and execution
  • Collision regulations
  • Communications
  • Electronic navigation systems
  • Search & rescue
  • Patrol and surveillance
  • Navigation in formation
  • Bridge team management
  • Bridge resource management
  • Bridge watch keeping procedures
  • Ice navigation
  • Vessel/Area/Company specific
  • Port and vessel development and research