Introduction to Nautical Skills


Introduction to Nautical Skills is a 12-week class for high school juniors and seniors. It is taught by licensed captains from AVTEC’s Alaska Maritime Training Center and is designed to introduce students to the maritime industry, providing them with a basic understanding of the maritime industry, the occupations with in it and what it takes to become a professional mariner. Subjects covered in this course include vessel terminology, safety of life at sea, communications at sea, chart navigation, time/distance/speed problems, knot tying and marlin spike, employment on a ship, and much more. (if you have questions on course content call please Captain Terry Federer 224-6195)

Live class sessions are held once a week via Video Teleconference (VTC). Other formats may be available. Students will need another two - four hours a week at school with access to a computer in order to complete the online assignments.


Each student needs an on-site mentor who will oversee the equipment and assist the student as necessary. Students are also required to have a materials kit which will be used to participate in the live class and to do their homework.


The Tuition for the class is $150 per student plus a one time  $50 application fee per student.


 See our Online Application for more details.