Math, Study Skills, and Tutoring

Applied Mathematics

Math is an important component of the trades taught at AVTEC. Many of our programs provide an applied mathematics class to ensure students have the math skills they need to be successful in their careers. The applied math class will build from reviewing basic skills to specific math used in a particular trade. The class focuses on helping students learn, understand and practice these necessary skills.

Foundations, Study Skills 

Math AVTEC's Foundations Program supports students that may need assistance with basic academic skills needed for success in the training programs. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend. The class includes study skills instruction and development as well as time to complete training area homework in an individualized , supervised, and structured environment.


AVTEC provides academic support services to students after training at the Student Service Center. An instructor provides tutoring and/or assistance with homework. The student tutoring program offers students the opportunity to receive individualized peer tutoring specific to the current technical area of their training.