Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids (ALAVTC-501)

Official Title
Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids (ALAVTC-501)
U.S. Coast Guard and STCW Approved Class - one week
Able Seaman Seafarer Pathway
Junior Engineer Seafarer Pathway

Any applicant successfully completing your Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids (ALAVTC-501) course

                        Will satisfy: 

- The familiarization training requirements of 46 CFR 13.401 and may be issued endorsements as Tankerman-Assistant DL, and the STCW, as amended, the Basic Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations A-V/1-1-1.

                                    - The cargo training course requirements of 46 CFR 13.201, 13.301, and 13.501 towards any endorsement as Tankerman-PIC, Tankerman PIC (Barge) or Tankerman Engineer Dangerous Liquids;

                                    - The requirements of 46 CFR 13.603(a)(2), 46 CFR 13.603(b)(2), 46 CFR 13.603(c)(2) and STCW Code Table A-V/1-1-2 towards an STCW endorsement for Advanced Oil Tanker Cargo Operations; and

-The requirements of 46 CFR 13.605(a)(2), 46 CFR 13.605(b)(2), 46 CFR 13.605(c)(2) and STCW Code Table A-V/1-1-3 towards an STCW endorsement for Advanced Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations; and

                                    - The training requirements of 46 CFR 13.120(a)(2) for renewal of a merchant mariner credential endorsed as Tankerman-PIC Dangerous Liquids.  

The Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids courses are delivered online, via Zoom.  Final exam must be proctored in person, exam must be completed no later than two weeks after completion of the course.

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