UPDATE 03.22.2020

Cathy LeCompte

AVTEC is on a two week pause that ends on April 1 and there is nothing different or decided as of 03.22.2020 but we are working to settle into the new normal as announced by the Governor on Friday.

During the week and a half the following will be happening:

  • Reviewing student status and working with student records staff and instructional staff in planning for completion of programs or other appropriate solutions based on individual student needs and program capacity.
  • Staff will be in the office on Monday 03.23.2020, but do not call them as they do not have any more information than is provided here; we are working with the DOLWD and Governor's office for the possibility of transitioning select staff to a telework arrangement. 

Please do not call the school or ask instructors as they do not have the answers.  This will continue to be the place to go for up to date information.