Cathy LeCompte

Well, we have our first diagnosed COVID-19 case at AVTEC.  Last Friday a student tested positive for COVID-19.  All effected students and staff have been contacted by AVTEC staff or Public Health Nurses and are in quarantine.  We have prepared for this and were ready with protocols and steps to mitigate this situation including cleaning of effected areas and care for sick individuals.  Staff are to be commended for their response. 

We are asking that everyone take extra precautions and maintain the six foot distance with others, practice good personal hygiene and wear a mask at all times when indoors or around others...most important, if staff or students are unwell they are NOT to come to work or class and have been directed to contact the appropriate person as outlined by AVTEC administration. 

We are continuing with training in programs not effected and will be working with instructors and students to stay safe during this time and into the term.  If there are quesiton, please contact the AVTEC Director Cathy LeCompte at (907) 224-6150.