Cathy LeCompte

As long as COVID-19 remains present in our community and state, we must remain strong and committed to making wise choices.  At this time nearly all AVTEC staff and students are well due to healthy habits, and to stay that way will require continued vigilance on all our parts.  

Remember when socializing or recreating with anyone who is not in your household or you small training program and social bubble, both indoors and outdoors, be thoughtful and deliberate about the choices you make and help keep AVTEC strong by following these simple guidelines:

  • Wear a mask when unable to maintain a 6 foot distance (all common areas, offices and training areas) and for extra care, wear a mask even if you can maintain the 6 foot distance...
  • Maintain your distance in the classroom, training lab, common areas, and offices and avoid crowded places and confined spaces. 
  • Wash your hands often for a duration of 20 seconds
  • Stay home when you are sick - follow the AVTEC notification process for when you are sick.

Be kind to yourself and others...remember we are all dealing with the stress associated with COVID, among many other stressors in our workld supportive, respectful and understanding.