Summer 2023 Residential Building and Maintenance

Melissa Guernsey
RBM Sheetrock

In this short course, students will gain essential skills necessary for success in the Residential and Maintenance job sectors or to complete home improvement projects. This class is taught as a hands-on program allowing students to gain confidence to finish projects whether at home or on the job. The classes are taught by professional instructors with industry experience.

Topics covered include wall repairs, electrical maintenance, plumbing repairs, and appliance repair. In addition, door and window installation along with maintenance of doors, jambs, and common hardware are explored. Aging buildings and harsh weather conditions across Alaska are creating employment opportunities for job seekers with these skill sets.

Dates: May 22 through June 30   Days/Times: Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30

To learn more, please visit the following: Flyer and Course Overview

Deadline May 10 -- Sign up Today: Application