On Campus Parking

Many students bring their personal vehicles with them to training at AVTEC. Students without a vehicle will be provided transportation to and from class and lunch each day. Transportation is also provided on a daily basis to the grocery store and as needed to access medical or other resources in the Seward community. Students who will need transportation should make this request as soon as possible to the Residence Life attendant on duty.

AVTEC maintains designated parking areas for students at all campus buildings.

The following rules apply to all personal vehicles:

  • All personal vehicles must be parked in lots/parking areas designated for students.
  • Each student is only permitted to have one vehicle parked on AVTEC property.
  • All personal vehicles must display an AVTEC parking permit sticker in the lower corner of their windshield. Parking permits are available free of charge from the Residence Life office at Willard E. Dunham Hall.
  • All personal vehicles must be in operating condition. All vehicles on AVTEC property must be able to run and drive at all times.
  • Students may not perform maintenance on personal vehicles at any time when their vehicle is parked on AVTEC property.
  • Personal vehicles must be moved every 24 hours when parked anywhere on AVTEC property to allow for snow removal and general maintenance.

Students are encouraged to drive slowly and safely in and around all AVTEC parking areas.

Individuals who do not observe the rules discussed above may have their on-campus parking privileges revoked or be subject to student disciplinary action.

AVTEC reserves the right to tow and impound vehicles not in compliance with the parking rules discussed above.