Student on Campus Jobs

AVTEC has multiple employment opportunities every year for students to earn while they learn. Student employment is a form of financial support while students pursue their education. Hiring student workers can benefit both the school and the students.

Hiring a student provides many advantages to AVTEC, including:

  • A cost-effective workforce
  • A willingness of student workers to perform a wide variety of tasks, which can free full-time staff for other duties
  • Flexibility: student workers can vary the hours they work each week and work non-routine hours
  • The ability of student employees to understand the needs and viewpoints of other students, helping student customers feel more comfortable, and letting full-time staff know about issues from the student point of view
  • Bringing energy, enthusiasm, and the ability to offer new ideas and perspectives to the workplace

Campus employment offers advantages for students such as:

  • Income to support the cost of education
  • Invaluable workplace skills, habits, and references
  • The convenience of working without leaving campus

Students must be in good standing and remain so for employment to continue. Student-workers do not participate in retirement, accrue leave, receive holiday pay or insurance benefits. There is no probationary period.