Guest Wireless Internet Access

AVTEC provides limited wireless Internet access for guests and students. This access provides web, and email access. Wireless Access Points are available in all training areas as well as the student housing dormitories and business offices. AVTEC uses an opt-in system that does not require users to enter a password. To facilitate access to the wireless network, the AVTEC IT support staff requires the
following information:


Help to find your device MAC or "physical" address



MAC Address
Your MAC address may be shown as a set of numbers and letters seperated by either a dash or a colon

Terms of use agreement:

  • Access to the AVTEC Wireless Network Is subject to the AVTEC Network Use Policy
  • Students are permitted a maximum of three wireless devices to be registered on the wireless network
  • Students may not use file sharing services such as Bit-Torrent, E-Donkey or similar services on the AVTEC Wireless Network
  • Use of the AVTEC Wireless Network is monitored by IT staff and can be restricted or denied to students or devices found to be in violation of the AVTEC or State of Alaska Internet Use policies or in violation of any State or Federal Law. Students may also face discipline for violations of these policies.
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