Tours of the AVTEC campus

    The best way for prospective students to understand what attending AVTEC is about, is to come and visit our campus to see the well-equipped training areas, meet our dedicated instructors, and check out our excellent Residence Life and associated facilities.

    AVTEC staff are  happy to conduct tours for individuals, families, and school groups.  Please fill out the form below and one of our staff members will contact you to schedule a tour of the campuses here in Seward.

    Please give us as many details about the reason for your visit in the ‘Additional Information’ field below.  It is very helpful for us to know which areas of our campus you would like to see and which training areas you are interested in visiting.  Before your visit, we encourage you to explore our website to learn about our various training programs and career paths so that you will be better prepared to ask the important questions while you are here.

    Groups touring our entire campus and 11 training areas can easily take  3 hours, so please let us know if you are only interested in certain programs and plan your visit accordingly.  If you are only visiting one training program, the tour should take approximately 90 minutes.  If you aren’t sure about which training areas you would like to visit, please look at our website for more information.  A campus map is located at .

    We also encourage individuals touring the campus to schedule time to meet with our Admissions and Financial Aid staff during their visit.  Many of the more difficult funding and eligibility questions can be answered more easily in a short visit to our Business Office while you are in Seward to do a tour.

    Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to helping you learn about all that AVTEC has to offer!

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Please indicate which time works best for you. Select both if it does not matter.
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