Well, we have our first diagnosed COVID-19 case at AVTEC.  Last Friday a student tested positive for COVID-19.  All effected students and staff have been contacted by AVTEC staff or Public Health Nurses and are in quarantine.  We have prepared for this and were ready with protocols and steps to mitigate this situation including cleaning of effected areas and care for sick individuals.  Staff are to be commended for their response. 

We are asking that everyone take extra precautions and maintain the six foot distance with others, practice good personal hygiene and wear a mask at all times when indoors or around others...most important, if staff or students are unwell they are NOT to come to work or class and have been directed to contact the appropriate person as outlined by AVTEC administration. 

AVTEC is open for on campus training and we are in week two of the fall term with no reported COVID-19 cases.  To keep all healthy and safe the students, staff and instructors are following the health mandates from the State of Alaska and with care, we are planning for an uninterrupted training year.  

Part of the preparation for welcoming students back included a lock down of all the common areas and recreation activities, but because there are no active cases we will be opening the auditorium, wellness center and student services center for limited use by small groups form the same class and all adhering to the health mandates.  Student can make reservations using SignUp Genius at these links: 

Given that currently the Eastern Kenai Peninsula (Seward and the environs) is at a risk factor RED, the decision was made to push the date AVTEC would be welcoming students back on campus for the term based training to SEPTEMBER 8. 

Some of the training programs are able to pivot to online delivery and plan to do...the students in those programs will be notified by their instructors.   Students in the programs that are not able to do online delivery will be contacted by their instructors.  The Alaska Maritime Training Center has been offering courses throughout the summer and will continue to do so into the fall. 

Fall 2020 Training Information

The staff and instructors at AVTEC have been making plans for a safe start to training on August 17 and have established protocols for students to follow to remain as safe as possible while in training.  All students have been invited to meet with the Director on a Zoom Information Session Monday August 3 to discuss these protocols and expectations for this upcoming year.  If you are a student and have not heard from the school with an invitation and link to the Zoom, please contact (907) 224-3322 for that information. 

Please visit the https://avtec.edu/covid19  for information about the response at AVTEC and phased opening for summer and fall 2020.

Federal CARES Act Supports AVTEC students 

AVTEC received a Federal CARES Act grant in the amount of $35,719 to provide support for students to offset the cost for expenses incurred as a result of the disruption of campus operations due to the COVID-19 crisis.  Full time students enrolled in on-campus programs who completed the 2019-2020 FAFSA by May 4, 2020 were eligible to receive the grant. 

More information and details can be found at this link   https://avtec.edu/caresact


When AVTEC ceased on-campus training, several of the training programs were able to pivot to online delivery. Programs unable to move to online delivery were waiting to resume.  All had plans for students to return to campus but with the Governor's Health Mandate 13 closing all schools for the remainder of the school year, returning to campus was not an option for AVTEC students.     

Staff at AVTEC have been reaching out for the past two weeks to effected students providing information about alternative training options. If you are a student or if you know a student who has not heard from an AVTEC staff member, please call 907-224-6150 and let the Director know. 


AVTEC on campus classes will not resume on May 1 due to Governor's Mandate #13 issued April 9 https://gov.alaska.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/04092020-SOA-COVID-19-Health-Mandate-013.pdf 

The instructors at AVTEC remain committed to  providing training to students whether it be online, on the job or on campus. Now that we know that returning to campus is not an option this school year, instructors are working on a plan for alternative options for those students who have been waiting to return.

Effected students will be notified by staff or instructors of their options before the end of next week. If effected students have not heard by Friday, please call (907)224-6150.  


AVTEC is committed to providing the training students expected to receive prior to the pandemic; currently the Welding and Diesel Heavy programs at AVTEC are in a holding pattern; students enrolled in those programs have been notified. 

Most other programs at AVTEC are completing their training using distance technologies and other creative delivery methods and the admissions staff are busy enrolling students for the fall start.  There is light at the end of the tunnel (it may be faint right now) but we will come out of this...together we are strong.  

Per the Governor and DHSS most recent health mandate 012 regarding intrastate travel, all AVTEC students located in the apartments are to stay put, stay in and do not venture out of Seward.  All are encouraged to read the Governor's mandate and abide by those guidelines for all our health and safety.  Online course work will continue and many will commence on April 1 as it does not involve face to face instruction.  Many staff are working from home during this time and are available via email or phone as listed in the Staff Directory in the About AVTEC tab.