Throughout the pandemic, AVTEC has been the recipient of CARES funds from the Federal distribution process.  The funds were used to assist with the economic hardship the pandemic placed on students and the institution.  Information about the amounts and how the funds were uses can be found on this website above.  

Let's celebrate! In spite of the challenges of this past year, students at AVTEC were tenacious and finished their training on the path to employment and are completing their year with our annual graduation celebrations!  Because of COVID, we are doing them in person (by invitation only) and virtually at the links listed below.  

The date of graduation for all programs will be Tuesday, May 18, 2021 and they will be staggered start times according to the following schedule: 

After a successful fall training term with few incidents of COVID related illness, quarantines, and isolation we are ready to welcome students for the spring start and restart on January 11.  To keep our good record intact we have put into place strict protocols including a negative COVID test results prior to attending training and another negative COVID test two weeks in on January 19 to continue training.  In addition, students (and staff) must wear face masks when they are not in class or in their residence, wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer when they are unable to wash, and stay in their dorm room or apartment if they are ill and reach out  to AVTEC staff for assistance. This short video explains the processes and protocols for a healthy and safe start to the new training term:January 2021 Opening Process 

As many of you  know, Governor Dunleavy triggered the emergency notification system and has issued an additional emergency declaration.  You can listen to it here: 

As long as COVID-19 remains present in our community and state, we must remain strong and committed to making wise choices.  At this time nearly all AVTEC staff and students are well due to healthy habits, and to stay that way will require continued vigilance on all our parts.  

Remember when socializing or recreating with anyone who is not in your household or you small training program and social bubble, both indoors and outdoors, be thoughtful and deliberate about the choices you make and help keep AVTEC strong by following these simple guidelines:

Because the AVTEC community has taken care of each other and themselves - as of October 22 there are NO active COVID cases on campus!! Excellent work by all in following health guidelines to wear their masks, wash their hands and stay 6 feet away from each other!! Be safe this weekend...

Well, we have our first diagnosed COVID-19 case at AVTEC.  Last Friday a student tested positive for COVID-19.  All effected students and staff have been contacted by AVTEC staff or Public Health Nurses and are in quarantine.  We have prepared for this and were ready with protocols and steps to mitigate this situation including cleaning of effected areas and care for sick individuals.  Staff are to be commended for their response. 

We are asking that everyone take extra precautions and maintain the six foot distance with others, practice good personal hygiene and wear a mask at all times when indoors or around others...most important, if staff or students are unwell they are NOT to come to work or class and have been directed to contact the appropriate person as outlined by AVTEC administration. 

AVTEC is open for on campus training and we are in week two of the fall term with no reported COVID-19 cases.  To keep all healthy and safe the students, staff and instructors are following the health mandates from the State of Alaska and with care, we are planning for an uninterrupted training year.  

Part of the preparation for welcoming students back included a lock down of all the common areas and recreation activities, but because there are no active cases we will be opening the auditorium, wellness center and student services center for limited use by small groups form the same class and all adhering to the health mandates.  Student can make reservations using SignUp Genius at these links: 

Given that currently the Eastern Kenai Peninsula (Seward and the environs) is at a risk factor RED, the decision was made to push the date AVTEC would be welcoming students back on campus for the term based training to SEPTEMBER 8. 

Some of the training programs are able to pivot to online delivery and plan to do so...the students in those programs will be notified by their instructors.   Students in the programs that are not able to do online delivery will be contacted by their instructors.  The Alaska Maritime Training Center has been offering courses throughout the summer and will continue to do so into the fall.