AVTEC Programs

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The Alaska Vocational Technical Center (AVTEC) is a vocational training center operated by the State of Alaska as a Division of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Located in Seward, Alaska, AVTEC is an excellent place for Alaskans from across the state to gain key employability and technical skills and start on a career in less than a year.

Training at AVTEC is different. As a clock hour school (not credit hours) the training is offered all day, every day for up to 8 hours, similar to a work day. Students spend the majority of the day in the labs in a hands-on learning environment, practicing the technical skills identified by employers as important for the workplace. Students are graded on the ability to demonstrate they have mastered the technical and employability skills on the training summary (aka syllabus).

Programs at AVTEC are different. The program duration is 90-180 days and during that time students with no work experience, employability or technical skills advance to entry level work and beyond in the oil and gas, business and health care, mining, marine transportation, tourism and hospitality industries. Students who complete training enter the workforce, the military, or an apprenticeship program.

The instructors at AVTEC take pride in helping students succeed in training and beyond. Browse these pages and reach out to the instructors to find out more about AVTEC training programs.